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uPVC Riser / Main / Drop Pipes

Ajay Riser Main pipes are made of special uPVC compound for using Handpump and submersible pump installations. The ends are fitted with specially designed heavy duty moulded PVC male/female threaded fittings.With our continuous R&D efforts we have developed uPVC Riser Main pipes with Stainless Steel Coupling. The stainless steel coupling with male thread insert is fitted and crimped at both end of the pipes. This stainless steel coupling is coupled with the help of a female threaded socket.


  • Vastly popular & Well accepted all over Western and Eastern Africa
  • Considerably cheaper than Stainless Steel Riser Pipe
  • Being of very light weight, can be mounted / dismounted aster without tools (like key, Lifting equipment )
  • No gripping problem
  • More durable than Galvanized Iron (GI) Riser Pipe
  • More hygenic being less corrosive

uPVC Riser Pipe With Heavy Duty PVC Coupling (3 PC Coupler)

The pipe is supplied with male coupler fitted at One End and other end plain. Insatllation is done at the site as follows;
  • Clean the Plain end of the Pipe with the help of Sand Paper
  • Insert The Pipe Centarlizer on to the Riser Pipe
  • Apply Solvent Cement on the end of Riser Pipe and insert the pipe into fitting
  • Rotate to 90° to ensure uniform distribution of Solvent Cement
  • Hold the pipe for 2 minutes
  • Wipe the excess Solvent Cement
Riser Pipe is ready to be installed on borewells.

uPVC Riser Pipe With Stainless Steel Coupling

  • Supplied with factory fitted joints.
  • Ready to install
Normally no centrliser required in this pipe but can be supplied upon specific request