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PVC Flexible Reinforced Suction Hose

Ajay Hose is all-purpose suction and discharge flexible hoses with rigid PVC spiral. It is a lightweight suction and delivery hose, which has a specially compounded PVC reinforcement, which is helically wound and inseparably fused to the soft inner walls. The structural composition of the walls so formed is ideal for withstanding multi-axial stress under load.


  • Treadle Pump for Irrigation : Weather resistance and durability makes it perfect for withstanding the vaccum pressure and stress of irrigation use.
  • Construction : Lightweight and flexibility combined with durability to make it ideal for all construction applications. Its ability to withstand crushing is particularly valuable. Toughness makes it suitable for conveying mixed concrete at construction site.
  • Marine : Resistance to Sun, weather and salt water helps it withstand severe marine service. Ease of handling and lightweight are important features during foul weather.
  • Sump Pumping : Resistance to abrasion, mild acids and alkalies results in superior service in industrial applications using sump pumps. Sanitation: Crush resistance, lightweight and flexibility result in top performance for septic tank cleaning services.


  • It is light in weight easy to handle, yet strong
  • Economical inexpensive initial cost & maintenance
  • Transparent possible to observe inside conditions
  • Does not corrode or rust
  • Simple installation and lesser fittings
  • Superior weathering
  • Bright and attractive
  • Non flammable
  • Affluent in flexibility usable anywhere
  • Superior in chemical resistance ideal for conveyance
  • Excellent in pressure and abrasion resistance ideal for conveyance of powder as well as fluid
  • Cut table into any desired length.

Technical Data

Internal Diameter Inches Weight in Grams per meter Bending Radius mm Bursting Pressure kgf/cm2 Wall Thickness mm Spiral Pitch mm
11/2” 650 70 15 3.7 7.5
2” 800 110 13 3.5 7.5
21/2” 1100 150 13 4.3 8
3” 1500 200 11 4.3 8.5
4” 3000 230 11 6.5 9.5
5” 3600 320 10 7 11.4
6” 4500 800 8 8.5 12