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Special Tool Kit for India Mark Hand Pump

  • One Each Self Locking Clamp Or Heavy Duty Clamp For 32 mm NB GI Pipe
  • One Each Connecting Rod Vice
  • Three Each Pipe Lifting Spanner
  • Once Each Water Tank Lifter
  • Two Each Crank Spanner(M17 X M 19)
  • One Each Connecting Rod Lifter
  • One Each Handle Axle Punch
  • One Each Rod Coupling Spanner
  • One Each Chain Coupler Supporting Tool
  • One Each Bearing Pressing/Mounting Tool
  • One Each Mild Steel Galvanized Tool Box with Locking Arrangement.
    (To Accommodate Items except 1 & 3)

Standard Tools Kit for India Mark Handpump

  • One Each Button Die Set For 12mm Threads
  • One Each Die Set For Threads Of 32mm NB GI Riser Pipe
  • One Each Pipe Wrench,450mm Drop Forged Carbon Steel
  • One Each Pipe Wrench,600mm Drop Forged Carbon Steel
  • Two Each Double Ended CV Open Jaw Spanner M17 X M19
  • One Each Adjustable Spanner 250mm Drop Forged With Heat Treated
    Injection Hardened Polished Jaws.
  • One Each Screw Driver 250mm X 8mm Engineering Type
  •  One Thread Tap With Handle And M12 X M 1.75
  • One Each Hack Saw With 300mm Blade And Six Spare Blades
  • One Each Flat File 250mm With A Wooden Handle
  • One Each Ball Pein Hammer ( Approx. 1kg,Drop Forged With A Varnished Wooden Handle)
  • One Each Pressure Type Oil Can ( ½ Pint)/Plastic Oil Can With Nozzled Outlet
  • One Each Wire Brush With Wooden Handle
  • Spirit Level
  • One Each 75metres Nylon Rope 3mm Thick
  • One Each Box Of Multipurpose Grease
  • One Each Mild Steel Galvanized Tool Box With Locking Arrangement