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Casing and Screen pipes

AJAY uPVC Casing & Screen Pipes for application in Borewells/Tubewells, irrigation projects are manufactured by House of AICL, who are in the field of plastic Extrusion for past 5 decades. Produced with strict quality control, The plant is equipped with Cincinnati Milacron Twin Screw Extruder Machine capable of producing the complete size range from 2.5 kgf/cm2 to 12 kgf/cm2 pressure classes.


  • Bore-wells irrigation, domestic, industrial mining, chemical distribution etc
  • A better alternative to MS, ERW,G I, Asbestos, Cement and SS pipes


These pipes are made according to
  • German Standard (DIN 4925)
  • Indian Standard (IS 12818)


  • No Chemical Contamination
  • No need of protective liners, coatings, encasements or cathodic Portion
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Flexibility
  • Variety of Jointing Methods
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biological Resistance/ No Bacterial Growth
  • Better Resistance to water hammer/surge pressures Lightweight, easy to handle, transport and install
  • Resistant to all kinds of acids used in well-generation
  • Resistant tom corrosion, erosion and encrustation.


Ajay uPVC Casing and Screen pipes can be easily and quickly jointed as ends are theaded. The Jointing have good tensile strength and can hold the weight of the suspended assembly. This Casing and Screen pipes have male threads at spigot end and female threads at the socket ends.

Rubber Sealing element of diameter ensuring secure fit shall be used with the trapezoidal threads to seal the joints.

Longitudinal Ribs Screen Pipe

The longitudinal ribs on the outer surface of the Ajay Well Screens, apart from imparting extra physical strength to the pipe, offer two positive features:
  • They combat the obstruction of slots by acting as spacer.
  • They provide additional flow ways in the valleys between ribs, thereby, improving the hydraulic properties

Plain Screen Pipe

  • Cost effective as compared to longitudinal ribs screen pipes.
  • Easy installation.

Horizontal Slotting

Ajay well screens have slots at right angle to the axis of the pipe which result in better collapse resistance and superior flow characteristics.

Plain Screen Pipes

  • C.S. Pipes : for shallow-depth (upto80m)
  • C.M. Pipes : for medium-depth (up to 250m)
  • C.D. Pipes : for deep well (up to 450m)

Length and Daimeters

  • Length in Meter  2.9 Meter
  • Various Diameters  4inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch