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Merry Go Round Pump Merry-go-round pump has been developed by attaching Merry-go-round wheel to mechanism of pumps for lifting water to overhead tank, from borewell / tubewell or rainwater collection tank. Purification devices can be installed easily when water is lifted to elevated tanks which have inlet pressure. Merry-go-round pump can be very easily installed and maintained even by nontechnical persons

Merry-go-round Pumps were designed and developed
  • To make water available for drinking, sanitation, gardening etc. To the urban / rural and tribal population.
  • To optimize use of bore well / tube well by lifting maximum possible water by untapped hidden energy generated by children while playing. Merry-go-round pump lifts water and stores it in an overhead tank.
  • To facilitate lifting of water at elevation without electricity so that water can be distributed through pipelines for drinking, sanitation, gardening etc. in the schools.